Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back! Revisits! New burgers!

So, yeah. I'm back.

For those looking at past posts in search of a good cheeseburger, I've gone back to a few of the ones I'd been to previously and need to revise.

First, the Lyndale Tap House. In my previous review (from 3 years ago!), I found this to be a fantastic burger (and actually had it multiple times and it was always good). However, I recently went back and the burger I got was overcooked and underseasoned. Perhaps it was a fluke, perhaps they have a new chef, whatever -- something was different, and not in a good way, so be aware.

Next, Buster's on 28th. Last time I was quite impressed with this burger despite the somewhat uneven seasoning. On my most recent visit, though, not only was the seasoning uneven, but the bun was also dry, perhaps stale.

Both reviews will be updated to reflect this new information.

Also, I have some burgers that have been eaten and I just haven't had the time to write up. Soon.

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